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Our Team

Steven Richardson


Renowned watchmaker, educator, and artisan Steven Richardson's vast career was born out of countless hours handcrafting and sculpting original works of wearable art. Under the guidance of master metalsmith Emerson Hogan, he learned how to apply age-old artisan techniques to his sculptures. Richardson's fascination with antiquity and mechanics lead him to the science of horology. His artistry and design capabilities merged naturally with his capacity to build complicated timepieces. He continued his studies under the watchful eye of master watchmaker Aaron in New York City.


As a watchmaker, Richardson gained celebrity status as commissions rolled in from long-standing, influential clients. Later, celebrities and collectors looking for fresh, uniquely crafted and complex timepieces followed suit. Now his evolution brings him back to his original roots as a sculptor, reinventing his intimate relationship with metal crafting by producing captivating works using the finest precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Artice Jones

Watch Expert

Three decades of service in sales exemplifies Artice Jones’ intense passion for watches and watchmaking. The early eighties, right at the beginning of the quartz watch phenomenon, is when it all began for Jones. Popular watch names at that time included Seiko, Longines, Lasalle, Concord, Omega and others. Jones’ first position involved level 1 watchmaking; taking in repairs, giving estimates, changing batteries, adjusting bracelet watches, and polishing watch cases. After two profitable years in service, it was the perfect segway to sales. 

Presently, he’s employed as a watch sales specialist in one of the world’s finest watch salons, located in NYC. This title also includes being a brand ambassador to three swiss watch companies. His additional duties in the shop include the upkeep of merchandise and training of the store’s sales team. In 2013, Jones started his own company, “Mechanical View LLC” custom timepieces. “Pushing past all limits has been my mantra in life.”

Rorrie Owens

Watch Historian

Watch Curator Rorrie Owens is a prominent vintage watch collector in NYC. He started collecting watches in the late 1970s, and studied with greats like Erin Faber. Owens has consulted with Nkiru America and Art of Horology for over 16 years and has created watch history curriculum for the students of the Art of Horology program.



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Stephen White

Investment Banker

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