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Nkiru Group


2000 Nkiru launches the Diamond Chronograph mechanical watches. The Swiss Chronograph sold well, and 20 years later, clients are still happy with those watches. On the Chronograph, with the china movements, 50% was returned because of the movements' lower quality.

2003 The Retro Jump Hour sells very well but the downside again was that the china mechanical movement did not last long. Over 50% was returned and there were 300 watches from a 500 piece order from china that was defaulted by Nkiru. China started selling the watches on ebay and so we classified the retro watches as a knock off, not the original. We discontinue that collection.


2005 Nkiru introduces the Regatta Anchor Swiss Mechanical 48mm limited edition. The collection sold out in two years and clients are happy with their investment to the present day. No returns.


2005 Richardson studies horology in New York City with master watchmaker Arron.


2006 Richardson makes his first mechanical one of a kind timepiece.


2008 Art of Horology is founded and funded by Nkiru and Richardson teaches the craft of watchmaking to children and adults.


2009 to 2012 Art of Horology partners with schools in New York to teach watchmaking.


2013 Nkiru opens watchmaking workshops at 62nd and 47th in the diamond district in New York City.


2013 Nkiru and Art of Horology signs a two year deal with Charity Buzz. Golden year.


2014 Golden year.


2015 Golden year.


2015 Middle of the year Richardson returns to Baltimore facing burn out from the watch business.


2016 Recovery.


2017 Recovery.


2018 Art of Horology teaches watchmaking at seed school in Maryland and launches Art of Horology Mechanical Dreams software.

2019 Richardson creates Nkiru Group with partners from the finance world.


2020 Nkiru Group launches a collection of commodity timepieces that each come with an equity card, dividend and stock growth plan. 

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