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The Birth of the C Scale

Horologist S. Richardson creates a concept of unique mechanical timepieces that is an actual investment and built to last thousands of years. The idea came from studying two mathematical geniuses: Benjamin Banneker and Reginal Lewis. Richardson, Banneker, and Lewis all have something in common; they were all born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Richardson began to study Banneker in 2001 from a perspective of mechanical timekeeping and the study of cycles. In 2015, Richardson's focus expanded to include the science of money and the building of a strong foundation for his watch company based on precious metals. The idea of studying finance is what drew Richardson to the work of Reginal Lewis.


Richardson set out to make a mechanical timepiece of the highest quality that would stand out in the crowded watch industry and meet all the expectations of the most discerning investors and watch collectors in the art and finance world. Richardson combined the wisdom of Banneker and Lewis to create the BL2015-NK mechanical movement, made from precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver palladium and rhodium. The precious metals are used in the mechanical movement to prevent rust and parts damage over time. This concept also creates more value in the timepiece.


Richardson took it a step further and adopted a full-scale investment option plan that is incorporated into and packaged with each timepiece. Nkiru timepieces offer an equity card, a dividend, and stock growth plan, which to date has never been done before with a timepiece.


The collection is called the C Scale, inspired by watch and music historian Rorrie Owens. When Richardson began to make the gears and bridges in the mechanical movement in gold, platinum, and silver, he noticed that the sound changed when winding the watch and when it was ticking. Looking back at his studies of the molecular structure of precious metals, he began to understand that each precious metal gives off a unique sound. The Nkiru BL2015-NK mechanical movement is an arrangement of these sounds. The 2.5hz frequency Nkiru timepiece creates a space of vibration and harmony around the wearer. It is not just a timepiece. It is music.

Nkiru Mechanical Composition

2.5 Hz Healing Frequencies

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