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Most in Demand

The Banker

Case Size: 41mm

Platinum or 18k Gold

Mechanical parts options:

  1. 18k gold and silver bridges, PT Escape wheel USD 160,000

  2. 18k gold bridges and platinum Escape wheel USD 196,000

  3. Platinum,18k gold and Pd bridges and gears USD 280,000                   

  4. Full C Scale composition of all precious metals USD 480,000

All timepieces are one of a kind and are made to order. Time frame to create one commodity timepiece is 3 to 9 months.

C Scale Movement detail:

17 jewels in house caliber BL2015-NK 2.5 hz manuel wound, mechanical parts made in precious metals and jewels made out of genuine diamonds and sapphires. Parts hand and machine made and assembled by S.R. and team of horologists.

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