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Nkiru Group

Equity Card Plan

Why: It is important for us to protect our clients’ investments in order to sustain a strong financial foundation.

How:  The Nkiru Group circulates up to 75% of our earned commodities investments via sales back into physical gold, platinum, silver, and rhodium. We also invest in one main royalty mining stock; Metalla Royalty and Streaming Limited.

With each commodity timepiece, Nkiru Group offers a certificate, equity card, and warranty the size of a credit card made in precious metal. We machine engrave each equity card with Nkiru Group, Steven Richardson's signature, the investment date, the client name, and serial number. Documentation on the terms and conditions of the loan are included. 


When an equity loan is requested from our clients, the timepiece with the equity card, warranty and certificate must be secured, insured and mailed directly to the Nkiru Group. Our horologist will then assess the condition and authenticity of the timepiece. Once that is complete, we then generate the loan equity value and interest rate for the client to review. The client then approves the amount and fee and signs the documents with the necessary signatures to process the wire transfer to the client. 


The interest rate is 4% to 6% on an average equity loan and the process takes about 48 hours from the time the timepiece is received. 

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Equity Card Gold Back.png
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