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Nkiru Group

Stock Growth Plan

Nkiru Group commodities add real stock value to our clients' portfolios. Our team of engineers and horologists handcrafts about 4 to 8 timepiece commodities per year and has a waiting list from 6 to 18 months for custom pieces. This process generates a high demand for Nkiru Group commodities, which, in result, produces market stock growth for our pieces.

Once a year our clients will receive a statement with the growth value of their timepiece commodity. Nkiru Group’s focus is to increase the stock and equity growth value of our investors commodities. We estimate stock growth 3 to 5% each year.


The result is that the stock growth plan naturally supports our clients that are looking to resell their commodity on the open market. For example, if you invested 100k into a Nkiru timepiece and were offered a primary loan for 65k, that loan value would rise on an average of 3% a year with the value of the timepiece as well.

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