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Nkiru Group

Nkiru Equity Loan and buy back Policy

Asset Trust

1. Equity can only be used after 6 months of purchase date of the watch.


2. 4% of loan amount per month (48% APR) or any part of a month


3. Loan duration 4 months and can be sold after if theclient does not renew the contract.


4. Contract renewal charges 2% of the loan amount, for an additional 4 months option.


5. Care Charge is 1% of loan amount for Vault Storage


6. Insurance Charges 2% of loan amount


7. Owner Transfer 3% of loan amount to transfer Contract or Loan ticket to another owner


8. Based on the condition of the watch, Equity could be subjected to be 10% lower than the amount on the Equity Card.


9. Loan time frame loan quotes will be offered 24 to 48 hours once the watch is received.


10. The watch must be accompanied with all Nkiru original documents and Equity Card to get a loan or buy back.


11. All Buybacks charges 2% of buy amount for Equity of Nkiru watches


12. Buybacks are subject to be 10% lower or more if the watch condition is fair or below fair.


13. Buyback time frame is 48 to 72 hours from the time of receiving the Nkiru Watch.

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