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An opportunity arises in changing times, thrive in your health, wealth, and happiness by understanding the power of precious metals and time with Horologist Steven Richardson.


Printed book with 8 grams of .999 silver grains

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Healing The Human Timepiece

33 minutes   300.USD

51 minutes   600.USD

The Sole propose of an medical Doctor is to active the human healing mechanism 

Personal Session 600.00 USD

Phone or Video 1 Hour


Personal and Business 1,500. USD

Phone or Video 2 hours


Corporation 12,000. USD

In-person, phone or Video 9 hours

Additional time 960. USD per hour

Travel and accommodation expenses not included


Lecture 15,000. USD

Presentation session 1 to 1.5 hours

Consultation in-person, phone or Video 6 hours

Travel and accommodation expenses not included

Precious Metals and time are expressions of one's highest potentials.

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