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Dividend Plan

Dividends are offered for invests in commodity timepieces of 100k or more

Nkiru Group's board of directors approves and declares quarterly cash dividends on each commodity timepiece share (subject to any applicable tax withholding obligations). The quarterly record and payment date are displayed in the table below, starting in January 2020, available to shareholders of record as set out below. The company plans to expand this dividend over the calendar year of 2020 to payout 50% of its after-tax and G&A operating cash flow. Our clients/investors receive a set rate of $0.003 quarterly based on the amount of their timepiece investment. It is the intention of the company that our dividend amount linked to the gold and silver price and operating cash flow in the company's physical precious metal holdings and precious metal stock investments does not affect our client's investment.

Dividend Schedule 2020

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