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Nkiru Art Abstract FishAg47

Movement: Delta Waves
Equity Guarantee 80%


List USD 69,369

Nkiru uses many art forms such as painting, sculpting, engineering and science to create these unique timepieces.

Nkiru Art Abstract Fish Ag47 is an Asset as well, with 80 percent equity trust. The Nkiru timepiece is a mix medium of Acrylic and oil paint on 925 Silver dial as the canvas. Nkiru's unique style of revealing and evoking one's vision to experience the energy of colors, patterning and precious metals composition of fish in motion. With hand sculpted shapes engraved on the silver dial/canvas it plays off of the colors of the paint and with the motion of the hand painted watch parts
the timepiece comes alive with a soul.


The 4hz movement beats 8 times second which is Delta and Theta waves state of being. Combined with the silver and painted colors on the dial and being conscious of these waves when wearing this watch the wearer will be one with the delta and theta waves which is a focus and dream state of being.


The hand engraved silver 925 case with 6 Emeralds and the silver sculptured hand painted dial that will help amplified the delta and theta waves and in return will hypnotize the wearer and the observer Crafting time 640 man hours


Edition: Nkiru Art Abstract Ag47 One of a kind Red

Movement : Swiss 2824-2 Automatic Delta Waves 4Hz 8 beats a second 25 jewels with modified color mode calendar hand painted

Case: 38mm Round solid 925 Silver” with crown with 6 emeralds chakra Heart energy
Hand engraved sculpture and black plated.
Crystal: Sapphire Dome
Dial: .925 silver texture finished and hand engrave and with Hand Abstract painting
Band: White leather band with 925 Silver Green Emerald buckle.

All timepieces are one of a kind and are made to order. Time frame to create one commodity timepiece is 4 to 6 months.

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